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Integration Manager – Multi-Clinic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Group


Golden State Dermatology (GSD) is a leading and comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery medical group. Golden State specializes in medical conditions of the skin, hair and nails, Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer as well as surgical and non-surgical cosmetic skincare, anti-aging and body contouring. GSD is committed to providing excellent and personalized care to all of its patients. GSD is rapidly growing with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and California’s Central Valley. There are plans to grow in these markets and new geographies. GSD’s corporate headquarters is located in Walnut Creek, CA. GSD is a physician owned group with a leading private equity investor.


Job Description:

This is a critical and visible position to integrate the GSD network. There are two distinct but related roles for this position. Both roles involve leading / coordinating with multiple parties (e.g., vendors, providers, Office Managers, Senior Leadership Team, acquisition targets) and rolling-up one’s sleeves to complete work. This position will also be responsible for developing and managing a float pool. The float pool will be used to supplement the staff of existing clinics that are transitioning to GSD’s common systems, acquired or de novo clinics during transition to GSD or clinics that are significantly understaffed.

Role #1:  This goal of this role is to transition all of GSD’s offices to a common practice management system (eClinicalWorks) and a single instance of an Electronic Medical Record (EMA by Modernizing Medicine). The goal is to as smoothly as possible migrate all offices to a common and fully functional system by the end of 2019. The implementation of an online reputation management system will attach to the practice management system and thus will be part of the scope of work. This role will report to the Vice President of Operations and meet weekly to report status with a Committee comprised of the Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Finance, the Central Billing Manager and the CEO. Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop a robust understanding of the eCW and EMA systems. Attend trainings as needed to become proficient with both systems.

  • Develop and continually update a project plan and issues list to bring all clinics live on the new systems. Use this project plan as a guide to coordinate resources and ensure all tasks are completed on time and at a high level of quality.

  • Interact with the eClinicalWorks staff, EMA staff, and Ellkay staff (the middleware bridge company) to help coordinate work and resolve issues. 

  • Partner with the Office Managers, their staff and the clinic’s providers to prepare them for implementation and to provide onsite support before and after their respective go-lives. The following is an illustrative list of some of the preparation activities. 

    • Assess current workflows and document changes.

    • Organize and lead eCW and EMA training and train on the workflow changes.

    • Build the provider templates in eCW.

    • In partnership with IT, setup scanners, kiosks, credit card readers, signature pads and any other equipment needed and train the staff on how to use it.

    • Work the front desk with the staff for the first few weeks after a go-live to reinforce the training and workflow changes.

    • Work with EMA and the local offices to merge the historic and new medical records.

  • Develop and manage a process to address middleware bridge issues with the staff and providers so these issues are minimized over time. Individually explain to staff and providers any training and workflow errors until the errors stop.

  • Add new CPTs and cosmetic codes to both systems so they successfully transition via the bridge.

  • Setup the inventory module of eCW and any new modules GSD activates.

  • Optimize the eCW and EMA portal for patient use. This includes the web and phone apps.

  • Support the implementation of online reputation management software integrated with eCW.

  • Be willing to take responsibility for a wide variety of tasks and projects as needed. Be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Role #2:  The goal of this role is to integrate new practices (acquired or de novo) into GSD as the organization scales. This work will leverage the knowledge gained in the first role. This role will jointly report to the leader of development (who is driving GSD’s growth) and the leader of Operations to stay connected and aligned with GSD’s operational processes. This work starts with preparation once a Letter of Intent is signed and continues to provide support at the newly acquired or launched clinic for three months post go-live. Over time, this person can also help with some initial acquisition target due diligence. Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Create and manage an integration checklist which includes all of the preparation work that needs to be completed to operate the clinic as part of GSD. Every function has a role:  operations, billing, legal, IT, HR, marketing, etc. and this work needs to be coordinated. A good portion of the work on the checklist will be the Integration Manager’s responsibility.

  • Lead weekly integration meeting with the Senior Leadership Team and others to prepare for the transition. Follow up with the various parties to advance the work.

  • Play a key role in managing the change process for a new office. Help the new office staff and providers see the advantages of joining GSD and address trouble areas.

  • Rollout GSD’s practice management system and EMR at the local office. This will include many steps such as:  coordinate with vendors and IT to migrate legacy data prior to go-live, map data elements within eCW, identify workflow changes, develop rules to utilize GSD and acquisition target payer contracts as needed, etc. 

  • Develop and present offers for the acquired staff (or hires new staff for de novo clinics). Present benefits information to staff and answer questions.

  • Train staff on eCW, EMA, AP and other GSD processes.

  • Continuously optimize the integration process so it is as smooth and fast as possible for both the acquired target / new office and GSD. Understand that other acquisition targets will ask about the integration process so establish an integration process that is a market differentiator. 

  • Identify best practices from acquired clinics and look to apply to GSD as appropriate.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • 5+ years of practice management experience and / or a combination of practice management and project management experience

  • Experience with practice management system and EMR implementation, specific experience with eClinicalWorks and EMA is a plus

  • Experience working with physicians

  • Must be able to travel to various GSD offices and spend time at the corporate headquarters in Walnut Creek

  • Ability to develop working relationships with various types / levels of people

  • Comfortable with the change process and able to help others adapt to change

  • Proactive and a self-starter

  • Clear and well-organized communicator

  • Maturity, self-confidence, presence and the ability to positively represent the organization

  • Expert level PC skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Apply for this Position Job code: GSM-1240
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